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Signs of an abusive relationship — where the abuse is hard to recognize

If your partner is displaying a combination of these behaviors, you may have a potential violent person on your hands. This list is adapted from “Signs to Look for in a Battering Personality,” from the Project for Victims of Family Violence, Fayetteville, Arkansas, and can be found at the archive of ARMS (Abuse Recovery Ministry …

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Athaliah the gaslighter

Note from Barb and Jeff C: Ellie has been commenting on our blog for some time and has written guest posts for us. We have now officially given her an Author role at the blog. Thanks for joining the team, Ellie 🙂 2 Kings 11, ESV Athaliah Reigns in Judah 1 Now when Athaliah the …

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We have chatted about gaslighting here and there but realized, recently, that we do not have a formal post on the topic. So! Here is an informational post that will also, hopefully, enlighten many of our readers to this heinous tactic of  abusers. Armed with knowledge, we know better how to fight the lies. Gaslighting is …

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