The most common questions asked by victims of domestic abuse are:

WHAT IS ABUSE?  How can I identify an abuser? Am I the abuser, or am I being abused by my partner?

The question we hope pastors will be asking:

AS A PASTOR: What are the most important things for me to know about domestic abuse?

The rest of the questions are in alphabetical order

ANGER and HATRED: Is it wrong to feel for anger and hatred for my abuser?

BIBLE TRANSLATION: How has Bible translation affected the church’s response to abuse?


CHILDREN: For my children’s sake, is it better to leave my abuser?

CHILDREN: How can I help my children heal from abuse?

CHURCH: How can I find a church that is safe and supportive?

CHURCH COVENANTS: Sign a church covenant document to join a church?

CHURCH DISCIPLINE: How does it apply in cases of domestic abuse?

CO-DEPENDENCY: Are victims of domestic abuse co-dependent?

COUNSELING: How do I find a good counselor?



FINANCIAL ABUSE: What is it? How can I deal with it?


FRIEND or RELATIVE: How can I help a friend or relative who has been abused?

GOSSIP: If I tell people about my spouse’s abusive behaviour am I gossiping?

GOSPEL WITNESS: How can I leave when I’m the only one who is giving my abuser a Gospel witness?

HELPING OTHERS: How can I help other victims?

I’M AN ABUSER: Can you help me?

MALE VICTIMS: Do you have resources for male victims?

MENTAL ILLNESS in abusers: How relevant is it? Does mental illness cause abuse?

MONEY: Do you make money from this blog?

PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE: Are abusers passive-aggressive?

PARENTS: What if my abusers were my parents?

POVERTY: What if I can’t afford to buy your books?


PROJECTION: Do abusers attribute their own sins to their victims because they’re ashamed?


RED FLAGS: What are red flags that someone might potentially be an abuser?


REPENTANCE: What if the abuser is repentant?

REPUBLISH: May I republish something from your blog?



SUFFERING: Should a domestic abuse victim just put up with being abused?

UNHELPFUL RESOURCES: What books and blogs do you not recommend when it comes to domestic abuse?

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