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Barbara Roberts is giving up writing for the public

I have decided to give up writing for the public. I made this decision about 3 a.m. on Friday 22 April. I had been very depressed and suffering from high anxiety and insomnia for weeks, if not months, before I made the decision. I had also been battling suicide. That night it became really clear …

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This blog was accidentally suspended by WordPress

What a week! The automatic spam filter used by WordPress suspended this blog for about 24 hours. I contacted WordPress to ask them why they had suspended the blog. Many hours later they emailed me saying it was an accident and they reinstated the blog. I’ve known for a long time that WordPress’s spam filter …

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Some news from Barb and an update of a previous post

I have updated my post Joseph’s treatment of his brothers — reflections and applications. Click that link to read the updated version. I altered the post after receiving constructive criticism from one of my readers. 
The address (the URL) of the post is unchanged. I am taking a partial break for the next couple of weeks. …

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Still here — emerging from a slough of despond

Last year I promised to revise my book Not Under Bondage and publish the revised version in paperback, e-book and audio-book formats. I have made substantial progress but am still some way from publishing the revised version. I apologise for the delay. I got sidetracked and slowed down by Covid (didn’t we all?) and I …

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Revised Edition of “Not Under Bondage” is in the pipeline

[August 13, 2022: There have been some changes made to this post. For more information, read the Editors’ notes at the bottom of the post. Editors.] [Update added August 13, 2022. Barb won’t be writing a revised edition of Not Under Bondage: Biblical Divorce for Abuse, Adultery and Desertion. For more information, please read her …

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Mysteries of Iniquity, Marriage/ABUSE/Divorce and the Bible

Interview of Barbara Roberts, by Out Of The Gate. If you want to only watch the part where I talk about my work on domestic abuse — i.e. my book Not Under Bondage and the A Cry For Justice blog — go to 24:37 in the video. [This video is no longer available as the …

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