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Keeping Our Children Safe

As survivors of abuse, and parents who must share access of our children with our abusers, it is critically important to talk to them about protecting themselves from sexual abuse. Why? Because according to research, studies indicate that a batterer is about four to six times more likely than a non-batterer to sexually abuse his …

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You will NOT talk to ME that way

In an emergency situation recently, I tried urgently to get help from a person in authority. The response to the situation stunned me. The authority figure yelled, “You will NOT talk to ME that way. You WILL straighten up and speak to ME with respect.” Later, I was ruminating on the conversation and his phrasing. Why …

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Code Word Safety — a way to handle some dilemmas kids have on visitation

Sharing custody with an abuser can be such a nightmare. Too often there is undermining, overt or subtle threats, silence that is always pregnant with fear and the unspoken understanding that nothing is as it seems. Living with this means you and your children have to continually find ways to stay safe; to stay one step ahead …

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The Dog and the Rabbit: Helping children understand domestic abuse

One of our readers put this story in a comment she left on our post, Why aren’t you and Daddy married anymore?  She wrote this story for her grandkids when their mom left her abuser. We felt that it’s a wonderful way to help children understand the complex circumstances surrounding domestic abuse, so we put it in …

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Why Aren’t You And Daddy Married Anymore?

“Mommy, why can’t you and Daddy be together anymore?” “Why did you leave Daddy?” All of us survivors who have kids have been, or know we will soon be, faced with these questions. So how should we handle that? Many experts on divorce say you should never say anything bad about the other parent, because …

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Teaching Children The Ten Commandments Of Character

God has really been working on me lately, showing me that I need to step up and be more intentional with countering the abuse in my kid’s lives. I have been reading through tons of books on abuse, trying to glean what I can from them, to help guide my children through the gauntlet of …

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