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1. Introducing the Chris Moles series

Chris Moles is seen as an expert in domestic abuse by the biblical counseling movement. But does his teaching line up with Scripture? I believe Chris teaches some good things about domestic abuse, but I have serious concerns as well. This series will set out both my praise and my concerns. The biblical counseling movement …

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More confusing messages in “Is It My Fault” by the Holcombs (book review Pt 4 of 4)

This final part of the book review exposes the confusing double messages in Justin and Lindsey Holcomb’s book Is It My Fault? Hope and Healing for Those Suffering Domestic Abuse. Previous parts of this book review: Part 1   Part 2  Part 3 The Holcombs lament how the church falls short, but they seem to assume that churches will respond properly …

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The concept of Grace in “Is It My Fault” by the Holcombs (book review Pt 3)

I have many problems with the way the Holcombs talk about God’s grace. I am sorry to have to say this because I know it will hurt the Holcombs, but this part of their book is a case study in how to wrongly divide the Word of truth. Note: this is an unusually long post so …

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Divorce, language use, suffering and substitution, in “Is It My Fault” by the Holcombs (Pt 2 of book review)

Here is what troubled me in the Holcomb’s book Is It My Fault? Hope and Healing for Those Suffering Domestic Abuse in regards to divorce their wording and definition of domestic abuse/violence suffering, suffering for sin, and in particular, whose sin Jesus our substitute: what Jesus substitionally bore on our behalf (I discussed the good points of the book in Part 1 of this review) …

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The good points of “Is It My Fault” by Justin & Lindsey Holcomb (book review Pt 1)

This is a four part review. Part one highlights what I think is good in the book “Is It My Fault?”. The latter parts point out aspects of the book which in my opinion are pretty troubling. Part 2      Part 3      Part 4 Is It My Fault? Hope and Healing for Those Suffering Domestic …

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Pt 3. CCEF’s ‘Counseling Abusive Marriages’ course — bread mixed with stones?

In Part 3 (the final) of this series on CCEF’s course ‘Counseling Abusive Marriages,’ we are looking at how the course seems to envisage churches working in conjunction with counselors to minister in domestic abuse situations, and whether they mention church discipline for abusers and divorce for victims. We will also be looking at the reading list for the course. …

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