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If abuse is grounds for divorce, why didn’t God say so plainly in the Bible?

Why didn’t Jesus say abuse is grounds for divorce? Why is there no explicit statement in the Bible that abuse is grounds for divorce and a victim of abuse may remarry after divorcing the abuser? Why didn’t Mosaic Law have an explicit law against wife beating and other types of spousal abuse? Why didn’t God …

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Instone-Brewer’s Views on Divorce Compared to Mine: Part 2, Differences.

Click here for Part 1 of this two-part series To most outsiders, the person who leaves the marriage looks like the deserter. If a victim of domestic abuse leaves their abusive partner or in some other way declares the marriage over, and (as is so often the case) the abuser effectively manipulates the perceptions and opinions of the …

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Instone-Brewer’s views on divorce compared to mine: Part 1, appreciations & agreements

I have been pretty silent on my view on Instone-Brewer’s work up till now, because compared to most other writers on divorce, he is excellent. So why am I now speaking up? Because one of our readers said — I am curious as to your views and differences with Instone-Brewer’s book. I felt a lot of his …

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Covenant and contract — are they different things?

Is there a difference between a covenant and a contract? Many Christians think there is. In modern parlance there is difference:  the word ‘covenant’ suggests an emotional relationship, whereas the word ‘contract’ connotes a non-emotional relationship which is entered into solely for material or financial benefits.  For us, contracts are legal documents that are drawn up in precise language to carefully …

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Interview with David Instone-Brewer, author of “Divorce & Remarriage in the Bible”

David Instone-Brewer is the author of  two books on the topic of divorce: Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible,  and Divorce and Remarriage in the Church [*affiliate links]. See instonebrewer.com/divorceremarriage David says of himself: “I work at Tyndale House, a research institute in Cambridge UK which specializes in biblical studies. My personal presuppositions are that Jesus …

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A Discussion of Divorce and Remarriage

Several of you have asked recently for our thoughts on what the Bible says about a divorced person remarrying.  This is a HUGE issue for abuse victims/survivors for reasons that you already know.  Christians want to obey Christ, no matter how hard that might be.  This zeal and love for the Lord is often used …

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