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Domestic Abuse is the Test Case for Our Theology (and we are failing)

Do you know why scientists conduct experiments?  They do it to test their theories.  They formulate a hypothesis in an attempt to explain some event or process observed in nature.  Plants grow toward the light.  Why?  A hypothesis is offered, but then it must be tested.  If the hypothesis is correct, then such and such …

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Don’t Teach Anyone About Divorce Until You Read Instone-Brewer –

David Instone-Brewer has written what I conclude is the definitive book on divorce and remarriage.  It is Divorce and Remarriage in the Church: Biblical Solutions for Pastoral Realities [*affiliate link],  InterVarsity Press, 2003 (also see his companion volume, Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible [*affiliate link] ).  Everyone needs to stop talking about what the Bible says …

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