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Mysteries of Iniquity, Marriage/ABUSE/Divorce and the Bible

Interview of Barbara Roberts, by Out Of The Gate.

If you want to only watch the part where I talk about my work on domestic abuse — i.e. my book Not Under Bondage and the A Cry For Justice blog — go to 24:37 in the video. [This video is no longer available as the account has been closed. Editors.]

Mysteries of Iniquity – Barbara Roberts on Marriage/ABUSE/Divorce and the Bible [Internet Archive link]

Who runs Out Of The Gate?

Tye and Spencer

Tye is the primary content creator at Out Of The Gate. She is responsible for the majority of the interviews and the video editing. She is married to Micah who is a medical provider and truth seeker, devoted to helping others break out of the conventional medical paradigm.

Spencer is a longtime radio personality and podcast creator who has been leading others to the truth for three decades.

Tye and Spencer say [Internet Archive link]:

We are longtime friends and strong believers in Jesus Christ. We want to help others do the same, and make sense of the deceptions in this world that are warned about in the Bible.

Spencer and Tye do not get paid for what they do at Out Of The Gate. They do it to help people understand the deceptions that are making this world so dark and dangerous. They do it for the Lord Jesus Christ. They do it for the body of Christ –  all who believe or will come to believe in Jesus as their Saviour.

You can follow Out Of The Gate at —

YouTube:   OOTG 77 [This account has been terminated. Editors.]
Facebook: Out Of The Gate
Twitter:      @OutoftheG8TE [Internet Archive link]

Quick links to my work for newbies at A Cry For Justice

FAQs at A Cry For Justice

New Users Info at A Cry For Justice – If you intend to comment at this blog, I suggest you read the New Users Info before submitting a comment, especially if you’re a victim of abuse who is still in danger from your abuser and his allies.

Resources at A Cry For Justice

Follow me on Twitter:  @NotUnderBondage

My book Not Under Bondage  

Theologians’ reviews of Not Under Bondage

How and why I changed my mind on one thing I wrote in my book

Mystery of Iniquity – my other blog

Final note

Tye initiated this interview. I’m saying this so that people who derided, mocked and badmouthed me in the past will not jump to the conclusion that I requested OutOfTheGate to produce this video.

I am very grateful to Tye for how she used music, other video clips and written-word overlays in the video.


  1. Finding Answers

    I (currently) have no words to express how the post, including (but not limited to) the title / the embedded video interview of Barb / various links (including social media) / etc. have corrected some false associations (lies, deceptions) between innumerable pictures in my mind.

    I CAN say, however, that I understood EVERYTHING discussed by Barb in the video interview.

    ^That is something I could NOT have communicated (in any fashion) before my walls crumbled just over two years ago.

    • Thank you, Finding Answers. I am always encouraged to know that the things I share are helping you.

  2. Hadassah's Legacy

    Great video, Barb. For those Christians not ready for the ‘Mystery of Iniquity’ side at the beginning, I would love the ‘Not Under Bondage’ end of the video as a separate video. ☺

    • Thanks for your feedback, Hadassah’s Legacy! I will give thought to your suggestion. 🙂 🙂

    • Go to 24:37 in the video to watch the part where I talk about my work on domestic abuse — i.e. my book Not Under Bondage [*Affiliate link] and the A Cry For Justice blog.

      Thank you again, Hadassah’s Legacy, for your input.

      *Amazon affiliate link — ACFJ gets a small percentage if you purchase via this link.

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