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Signs of an abusive relationship — where the abuse is hard to recognize

If your partner is displaying a combination of these behaviors, you may have a potential violent person on your hands. This list is adapted from “Signs to Look for in a Battering Personality,” from the Project for Victims of Family Violence, Fayetteville, Arkansas, and can be found at the archive of ARMS (Abuse Recovery Ministry …

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A New Kind of Insecurity and Trying to Overcome

Recently, God has been showing me a sort of “second tier” insecurity that has erupted in my life as a result of gossip surrounding my divorce and remarriage. I did not see it coming and it caught me off guard. During and after all the lies and accusations were flying around, it was like I …

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A cry from the heart

Here is email I received today from a survivor which I’m publishing with her permission. I’m sure many of our readers will relate. The closer it gets to the end of the divorce I doubt myself more and think did I make more of this than I should have? Should I have tried harder in …

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Gaining awareness of abusers’ tactics of verbal abuse

As we get educated about abusers and their methods, we learn to spot them in action. One of our readers reports doing just that: A family member is a cranky meanie. Although he’s never been outright unkind to me, he is often openly cruel and selfish to his wife. He apparently disliked several of my …

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Digital Stalking — a site our readers might find helpful

Informational post: we have added this site to our Resources page. Digital Stalking [Internet Archive link] If you have any feedback on this resource, please share it here.

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On Finding a Good Counselor and Avoiding the Bad Ones

One of the most difficult lessons I have learned in my lifetime is that some people love to exploit those who have suffered obvious trauma. I don’t know what the motivation is or if people are even aware of the fact that they are doing it. Perhaps there is a deep need for esteem in …

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