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Evacuate! — an analogy for getting out of abusive marriages

Evacuate. GET OUT of collapsing buildings. We are republishing this post in honour of the victims of 9/11, and because, just like the firemen in the Twin Towers who didn’t have a chance to put the fire out, we didn’t have a chance to have healthy marriages. And that was all we were trying to …

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Translation of Doug Wilson’s Open Letter… on Steven Sitler (by Ellie)

This zinger of a post by Ellie hits Doug Wilson’s minimising and excuse-making out past Pluto! Translation of Doug Wilson’s Open Letter… on Steven Sitler [Internet Archive link] We just had to share it; but please do not comment on it here — we want to encourage people to comment on the original at Ellie’s …

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Ashley Madison and the Church

The Ashley Madison data hack is already making ripples by exposing high profile evangelicals who have (now) acknowledged having accounts. I predict this is only the beginning. How should the Church respond when people who have been masquerading as Christians are exposed as adulterers? I would like to ask you to: Care for their souls before their reputations. Care for …

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You’re Not Like Them

A while back I witnessed a car accident. As I was pulling over to check on the drivers, the car that was at fault [car A] drove away. I was already on the phone with the police, so I nonchalantly followed the car to give the license information. The car that was hit [car B] caught up …

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Real Life Examples of Verbal Abuse

1. Belittling sarcasm, male privilege, verbal abuse disguised as a joke and played to an audience I was at a home decor store the other day and there was this 50 something year old man wearing golf clothes holding two metal post things that you’d hang planters on. His wife and either her mom or his mom – a woman …

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Ellie’s Translation of TVC pastor Matt Younger’s letter to Karen (Root) Hinkley

Translation of TVC pastor Matt Younger’s letter to Karen (Root) Hinkley [Internet Archive link] is a must read. Yes, we promise that we’d not be publishing another post till Wednesday 27th, but Ellie’s third post at her new blog is so terrific (and so are her first and second posts) that we feel we must promote it …

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