A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Dignity compared to Pride; Forgive and Remember – by Jane Bartelmes

Is Your Dignity at Stake, or Just Your Pride?

Forgive and Remember.

To read these two excellent articles by Jane Bartlemas, click here.

Jane is the author of My Path from Doormat To Dignity, a book which I (Barb Roberts) am going to read. Jane’s website is Doormat to Dignity


  1. James

    Hi Jane,
    I have read your articles and can thoroughly recommend them.

    You make clear and important distinctions between Pride and Dignity. You make a great case for Pride being impulsive and Dignity being measured: Pride attacks while Dignity defends.

    I was taken by this quote from your essay on Forgiveness –
    “Forgiveness should not be confused with reconciliation; in other words, forgiveness doesn’t mean signing up to be someone’s perpetual punching bag!”

    Boom! So well said.
    While it is wise to let go of anger over the past before it turns to bitterness, we need to discern what the person’s behaviour means for us moving forward.

    Great articles. Thank you.

    • I agree that Jane makes a great case for Pride being impulsive and Dignity being measured: Pride attacks while Dignity defends.

      That reminds me of your article, James, which talks about self-defence and the right and wrong use of violence.

      For those who have not read James’s article, here it is: Jesus on violence.

      • Jane

        Barbara, thanks for posting these links! Jane

    • Jane

      Hi James,

      Thanks so very much!

      I just read your article: Jesus on Violence!

      Amazingly good article! You did a great job of untangling numerous Scriptural misunderstands and confusion… especially “Turn the other cheek.”

      I would love to send you a fee copy of my book, Doormat to Dignity. I learned growing up to tolerate emotional abuse, and misunderstandings of Scripture seemed to support my dysfunction. My book chronicles my journey to dignity and addresses many of these same issues…

      My best, Jane

      [Paragraph breaks added to enhance readability. Editors.]

      • James

        Thank you very much, Jane, for your kind words and kind offer. I’ll be in touch via your blog.

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