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The Bible verse that supports victims of domestic abuse – John Sandeman, Eternity News

image by Amy Irizarry/pixabay Hug Love Couple Creative commons license here.

The book of Malachi, tucked away at the end of the Old Testament, contains a gem of a verse (sentence) that gives the lie to the idea that people should not divorce but endure abuse in marriage.

Abuse campaigner Barbara Roberts has released an academic paper on this verse – and Eternity News thinks her insight is worth sharing.

Barbara Roberts is speaking up for abused partners.

She is convinced that a proper reading of Malachi 2:16 is very significant when dealing with domestic abuse. Her paper argues that the King James Version sets Bible translations on the wrong course. Instead, she reaches back to the work of Myles Coverdale, whose translations (yes more than one) of the Bible into English have been influential – especially in the Book of Psalms. …
John Sandeman, Eternity News, Jan 5, 2021

Read the whole of John Sandeman’s article at Eternity News:
The Bible verse that supports victims of domestic abuse


  1. Ruth Magnusson Davis

    Great news that this information is getting out! It is encouraging that some of the modern Bibles have returned to the interpretation of the Matthew Bible (which was taken from Coverdale 1535). However, it will be an uphill battle to change the centuries-old interpretation of it. In case your readers are interested, more information about the Matthew Bible is here: New Matthew Bible Project.

    • Thanks, Ruth. I promote the New Matthew Bible project as often as I can. I wish more Christians would check it out.

  2. Gany T.

    What a joy to see this short, well-written article pointing to Barb’s excellent work and to the treasure of the Matthew Bible!

    ACFJ readers know that God’s heart is of love, justice, and deliverance for captives in abusive ‘marriages,’ but many, many believers still do not know.

    There cannot be too many voices declaring God’s true heart on this matter, especially the very few doing the hard academic and spiritual work of properly handling Scriptures and the oh-so-common misinterpretations.

    Sadly, many Christians suffering in abusive marriages have NOT yet heard this solid teaching. In light of that, it’s disappointing that so very few Christian advocates with platforms have pointed to Barb’s work (aided by her passion and empathy as a victim / survivor herself).

    I appreciate the compassion for victims displayed in this article, as well as the scholarly interest and respect for the (yeoman) work put into Barb’s Malachi paper. 🙂

    • Sharon Roberts Radic

      Well said!

    • Thanks so much, Gany T. and Sharon Radic. 🙂

  3. Sharon Roberts Radic

    Wonderful to read the publication by Eternity News of support for your paper, Barb!! May there be more and more to come!

    Such a small part of Scripture, but such a big influence; rightly translated, such a big help to survivors, and to all who have compassion!

  4. Sister

    This is awesome!

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