Have there been any “Biblical Patriarchy” homes that have been healthy?

Rebecca Davis asked a good question: Do you know anyone who grew up in a home that claimed to be a “Biblical patriarchal” home that was happy and healthy, with parents who loved and respected each other and in which the children grew up to be whole and well-functioning adults?

Rebecca asked this question on Facebook. Some readers of the ACFJ blog do not use Facebook, so I’m repeating the question here, in case you want to reply to Rebecca’s question.

1 thought on “Have there been any “Biblical Patriarchy” homes that have been healthy?”

  1. “Patriarchy” is a relatively new term to me. I do know of people following “headship” & would say “yes”. Although I would say they function mostly like equals, not in a hierarchy. When it comes to patriarchy which I think has the father in authority over the daughters until marriage, I imagine some grown children may think of themselves as healthy & functioning, but I would not view them that way. It would be all they know / have been indoctrinated with.

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