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“Ribbing Him Rightly” by Beneth Jones. Seeking comments on this book.

An ACFJ reader has asked me to seek comments on Beneth Jones’s book “Ribbing Him Rightly”. The book was given to a young engaged woman this ACFJ reader knows. Is the book dangerous? Is it worth reading?

Beneth Jones, the wife of Bob Jones III, wrote ten books. Thousands of people came to Bob Jones University for her funeral in 2019 (source).

Ribbing Him Rightly has only three reviews at Amazon:  a 1-star review and two 5-star reviews. The 1-star review says:

It couldn’t be anything except a gag gift. The whole book starts from the premise that women are nothing but a piece of a male, created to serve the males of the species. It is absolutely outrageous and hilarious. What is Not funny is that there are women out there — from a dying generation of course — that actually believe that their husbands must be adored and catered to as if holding down a job and having a family is some kind of divine feat.

Good grief, this is a perfect example of a woman who has never in her life read a book but attempted to write one anyway. (source)
[review slightly edited for clarity of comprehension]

If you, dear readers, have any comments on Ribbing Him Rightly, or thoughts about Beneth Jones’s other books, please comment below.  Please do not comment at FB because comments at FB soon become hard to find.


  1. Joy

    I read your post on Facebook but came here to reply. I don’t read and comment like I used to, but I did during the time Jeff split from this site, and I still followed, read, commented. This was my support.

    In my church and family, with the exception of two, I had support to stay in a very hurtful and unhealthy marriage but none for leaving. This blog, Barbara, and some of the comments were instrumental in helping me leave and leave safely. It’s been 2 years and three months exactly since I left, and it’s been full of different challenges but it is challenge with hope. I want to thank you sincerely for continuing after that split because it was so instrumental to have a woman who had been through it and understood the Scriptures and culture of abuse, both religious and relational, but still you loved God.

    [Link in comment added by Barb.]

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