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I Wish I Knew This About Peacemakers Before I Went: Part 5 of Persistent Widow’s story

As I shared in Part 1 of this series, I had lived with an abusive and adulterous husband for years, and the ambiguous direction of the church “process” coupled with the safety risk due to my husband’s increasing anger, left me in a disoriented state. In Part 2 of this series I relayed my personal experience of what …

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Pt 3. CCEF’s ‘Counseling Abusive Marriages’ course — bread mixed with stones?

In Part 3 (the final) of this series on CCEF’s course ‘Counseling Abusive Marriages,’ we are looking at how the course seems to envisage churches working in conjunction with counselors to minister in domestic abuse situations, and whether they mention church discipline for abusers and divorce for victims. We will also be looking at the reading list for the course. …

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Pt 2. CCEF’s ‘Counseling Abusive Marriages’ course — bread mixed with stones?

In Part 2 of this series on CCEF’s course ‘Counseling Abusive Marriages’, we’re going to be looking at the redemption model of the course, and whether God’s Word shows that oppressors often get redeemed. And we’ll be examining the possibility that I might be treating CCEF too harshly. [Read Part 1 of this series] We’re picking up midstream in the Course Description: Lectures and readings will provide the …

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Pt 1. CCEF’s ‘Counseling Abusive Marriages’ course — bread mixed with stones?

The God of truth, justice and wisdom doesn’t want His children fed bread mixed with stones. CCEF (Christian Counseling and Education Foundation) is offering a new course in 2015: Counseling Abusive Marriages. It starts running quite soon: Jan 29th. Their announcement encourages pastors and Christian counselors and others who might deal with cases of abuse in …

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