Do you have resources for male victims?

We believe that the bulk of the material on our blog and in our books can be just as useful for male victims as for female victims. If you are a man who has suffered abuse from your intimate female partner, we suggest you reverse the genders of the pronouns in stuff you read at this blog where necessary. We know that can be a pain. We wish there was a gender-neutral personal pronoun in the English language! But because the vast majority of victims who come to our site are female, we used “she” for the victim a lot of the time. It is just too cumbersome to say “he or she” all the time.

We do not know of any specific resources about domestic abuse of a Christian, where the abuser is the wife.

We have a tag for Male Survivors which contains all our posts that give stories from men who we believe have truly been abused by their wives / female partners.

A few posts in our Gender Differences tag may also be helpful for genuine male survivors.

It is typical for men who abuse their intimate female partners to portray themselves as the victims of domestic abuse. Some of these male perpetrators have put a lot of energy into spreading myths and distorted statistics regarding how many men are victims of domestic abuse. Here is a compilation of research which shows that there is indeed a significant imbalance in gender and domestic abuse:  Domestic violence and gender — An XY collection.

We also would like to emphasize that ACFJ is not a Women’s Rights Movement — It is a Victims’ Rights Movement.

Gender & DV: the key facts

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