What if the abusers were one’s parents?

Here are posts we have that probably deal with this topic most:

A Story of Lifelong Abuse by a Narcissistic Parent — and the Path to Freedom

A True Account of How a Christian College is an Abuser Factory

A Formula for Abuse Taught in Many Churches (in this case it was an SGM church)

A True Story of the Damaged Daughters of Patriarchy — a memoir

One Son’s Journey to Seeing the Truth about his Abusive Father

Poem by a survivor’s daughter

How Family Values Can Replace the Gospel and Promote Abuse

Many of our posts tagged Abuser’s Tactics or Church Response to Abuse can be applied to the case of parents abusing their children, but be aware that we have hundreds of posts with those tags!

You may also find posts relating to this question in our Children & Extended Family category.

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