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Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Some news from Barb and an update of a previous post

I have updated my post Joseph’s treatment of his brothers — reflections and applications. Click that link to read the updated version. I altered the post after receiving constructive criticism from one of my readers. 
The address (the URL) of the post is unchanged.

I am taking a partial break for the next couple of weeks. I will still be checking the blog and publishing posts. During my break I may not be as quick at responding to communication from my readers as I usually am (which admittedly is not very fast). I will also be doing less than I usually do on Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s my plan for what I will publish next  —

  • Part 6 of the Joseph series (the final in that series).
  • A guest post by James about how the right and left brain hemispheres think differently, and how that relates to church leaders spiritually abusing their congregants.
  • Several more digests:
      • Joseph Series Digest
      • Grounds for Divorce Digest
      • SBC’s ChurchCares Program Digest

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Thanks everyone!

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