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Two doctrines: one will set you free, the other will enslave you

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5:1) For this Sunday’s post, we have adapted a comment made by Persistentwidow (link). Read, learn, and be free. In my opinion, I see two differing doctrines propelling how Christian books/programs deal with abuse. …

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PCA Church Receives Rebuke from Therapist/Life Coach: Get Educated! Part 7 of Persistent Widow’s story

Leaving the problems behind After receiving the church’s final decision letter in the previous post (part 6), although I shouldn’t have been, I was stunned. I had still held out hope that the church would reconsider how poorly they had handled this situation, and would uphold discipline. It was now apparent to the child that was …

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PCA Church’s Final Reply: This is Church Discipline? — Part 6 of Persistent Widow’s story

Once again there was silence from the church. I wrote them a letter with my observations of the situation to that point hoping to receive some indication of where the process was going. Excerpts from my letter to the church: Gentlemen: I came to the church … to ask someone in leadership to directly confront …

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I Wish I Knew This About Peacemakers Before I Went: Part 5 of Persistent Widow’s story

As I shared in Part 1 of this series, I had lived with an abusive and adulterous husband for years, and the ambiguous direction of the church “process” coupled with the safety risk due to my husband’s increasing anger, left me in a disoriented state. In Part 2 of this series I relayed my personal experience of what …

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Death Threat from Abuser, but Church Refuses to be Educated About Abuse: Part 4 of Persistent Widow’s story

Continuing Misdirection by the PCA Church In Part 3 of this series, I described two traumatic evening sessions that I attended with the pastor and an elder. I have no idea what the purpose of those meetings were other than to intimidate me to submit to their authority; apart from that, there was no Christian comfort or spiritual wisdom …

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PCA Interrogation, Hard Lessons, and Emerging from the Fog: Part 3 of Persistent Widow’s story

With the Peacemaker mediation (see part two of this series) having concluded in November, I heard nothing more from the church. I went to church with my children each Sunday and the session (PCA term for the governing body consisting of the pastor and elders) avoided looking at me and were silent on the matter. I still …

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The Nightmare of Peacemakers Mediation for Domestic Abuse: Part 2 of Persistent Widow’s story

The Church Gets Involved Trigger warning: under pastor’s orders, a victim suffers horrendous abuse in professional ‘c’hristian mediation  With the discovery of the other woman, I contacted the pastor a year after our initial discussion, and told him of my new desire to divorce. I felt that my husband had listened to the Word preached for years, …

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