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David Clarke is another self-styled ‘expert’ on domestic abuse and Focus On The Family are promoting him.

FOF are promoting David Clarke & his book “I Don’t Want a Divorce: a 90-Day Guide to Saving Your Marriage.” David Clarke does not understand enough about the dynamics of domestic abuse to offer counsel on this. One of our long time followers emailed me about David Clarke. Here is the gist of what she …

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Focus on the Family & John MacArthur spout “God hates divorce.” And do they accept correction?

Focus on the Family recently re-broadcast an interview they did with John MacArthur titled God’s Word on Divorce and Remarriage Part 1. So we called them out  on our Facebook page (link). Here is a quote from the broadcast. Trigger Warning. The President of Focus on the Family, Jim Daly, is talking to John MacArthur: Jim: Dr. MacArthur, when you …

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A “Gauntlet Down” Challenge to James Dobson, Focus on the Family, and Other Christian Ministries of Fame

One of the most common characteristics of an abuser is — you all know it well — he never admits when he is wrong. Never admits fault. Never takes blame. Unless of course it is done just for show, to dupe others into thinking he is “humble.” Now, here is a question for all of us. …

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Where does Focus on the Family stand on abuse and divorce?

Olivia submitted this comment to our Hall of Blind Guides page and with her permission we are publishing it here rather than on that page.  God led me to your website. I’ve been receiving calls from a counselor from Focus on the Family. She quoted Chronicles and other scriptures before she began stating that it …

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