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Articles on Naghmeh Abedini, who is bravely exposing the abusive behaviour of her husband, Pastor Saeed Abedini

Naghmeh Abedini is bravely exposing her husband Saeed Abedini’s abusive behaviour. We haven’t yet had time to write our own post on the Abedini case. But here are some articles on it which we recommend. Chad Estes: Welcome Home Saeed. We are sorry, but there won’t be a parade (scroll down to part three of this post, …

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Thursday Thought — When It Just Couldn’t Be Him

Today I’m writing for women whose partners are held in high esteem in their communities, who are the kind of guy that other people look up to and wish they could be like.  He may have even gotten himself into a respected position such as clergyman, policy officer, head of the Rotary Club or a …

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Thursday Thought — Validation is Priceless

A gem from our GEMS page: To be believed is the most precious gift when you have been abused.  Freedom from hell on earth follows.  It’s why many of us are out and even alive today. [Deborah]

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Thursday Thought — What a Victim Can Expect in a Typical Evangelical Church

What a Victim Can Expect in a Typical Evangelical Church 1.  Victim reports abuse to her pastor. 2.  Pastor does not believe her claims, or at least believes they are greatly exaggerated.  After all, he “knows” her husband to be one of the finest Christian men he knows, a pillar of the church. 3.  Pastor …

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They Do It in Secret

Abusers almost always abuse in secret, unless they have gotten sloppy . . . and then they leak.  But that is a different blog post. For the most part, abusers jab and mock (emotionally, physically and verbally) when no one but the victim can feel it, see it or hear it. This is part of …

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People who want to ride the fence

This is a grass roots movement — bottom up. The higher up levels in ministries and denominations will never listen unless there is a ground swell from lowly Christians. I dont see us dialoguing with the power brokers because they would only be trying to trick us into believing that they really do care about …

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