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Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

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Translation of Bob Jones University’s Manipulative Press Release Announcing GRACE Report

Last week the President of Bob Jones University (Steve Pettit) announced that G.R.A.C.E. had completed its report on how the University responded in the past to student reports of sexual abuse or assault. The manipulative language used in BJU’s press release jumped out at me. There are things we can learn from this press release because the …

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How Healthy Examples of Marriage Help Me

I have been considering positive examples of healthy marriages I notice around me. My pastor and his wife My pastor’s wife helps him in many subtle ways. She sits on the front row. If he forgets to take benevolence offering or says something she knows he didn’t mean to, she gives him cues that help him course …

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Manipulative patterns of abusers

My ex  is a genius. A bonafide real life MENSA level genius. I was awed by his intellect. However, anything he didn’t want to fool with was mysterious to him. He couldn’t get some electronic device to work and he’d roar about it and order me to make it do what he wanted. The last time …

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You will NOT talk to ME that way

In an emergency situation recently, I tried urgently to get help from a person in authority. The response to the situation stunned me. The authority figure yelled, “You will NOT talk to ME that way. You WILL straighten up and speak to ME with respect.” Later, I was ruminating on the conversation and his phrasing. Why …

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How the Church can help victims heal

I left a comment at Chris Moles’ blog [Internet Archive link] and I wanted to share the thought with you: Chris said, “When she is willing and able to walk through her pain in community, surround her with loving sisters who will comfort, pray for her, and hold her accountable to the process.” I would like …

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Translation of Superpastor Piper on his friendship with Driscoll

John Piper waxed lyrical in answer to the question “Do you regret partnering with Mark Driscoll?” when it was recently put to him.  I was asked to write a translation of Piper’s answer. I observe the language of manipulators because it helps me and others like me to stay safe. As we document how sin is minimized …

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A Translation of Piper’s Clarifying Words

Colour coding: John Piper / my translations / my comments The full text of Piper’s “Clarification” may be found here [Internet Archive link]. Begin translation: Clarifying Words on Wife Abuse Just the title makes this a women’s issue. “Wife abuse.” Why not use the terminology “men who abuse their wives?” Omitting the noun for the abuser — …

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