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Malachi 2:16 – Academic paper by Barbara Roberts

I have nearly completed a paper on Malachi 2:16 which I intend to publish at Academia.

UPDATE (13 Nov 2020): The paper is now published. Read it here: Malachi 2:16, ancient versions and English translations, and how they apply to domestic abuse

The paper will present the results of my research on the translation of Malachi 2:16. I will give evidence to show that Myles Coverdale’s translation of Malachi 2:16 is consistent with the meaning of the Hebrew text.

I have come to the conclusion that, of all existing English translations of Malachi 2:16, Coverdale’s is the best.

If thou hatest her, put her away, sayeth the Lord God of Israel and give her a clothing for the scorn, says the Lord of Hosts. Look well then to your spirit, and despise her not.
Coverdale’s translation of Malachi 2:16

Coverdale’s Bible was published in 1535. Coverdale’s translation of Malachi was brought in to the Matthew Bible (1537). Learn more about the Matthew Bible here.

In my paper I will be citing evidence from

  • Hebrew and Greek lexicons & expository dictionaries
  • Hebrew grammar books and PDFs.
  • Ancient versions of the Malachi text:
    • Dead Sea Scrolls
    • Septuagint witnesses
    • Latin Vulgate
    • English translation of the Vulgate
    • Early Modern English versions (pre King James Version)
    • English translations of the Septuagint
  • Word Usage studies from various biblical scholars and websites.

The paper will be longer and more technical than what I usually publish at this blog. Hence my decision to publish it at Academia.

After I have published the paper, I will be able to condense it into a form which will suit the Revised Version of Not Under Bondage (my book). The condensed version will replace the chapter on Malachi in the first edition of my book. I will do my best to make that chapter easy to understand and non-technical. If readers of my revised book want to know my technical arguments for why I think Coverdale’s translation of Malachi 2:16 is the best, they will be able to consult my academic paper.

I trust this helps you understand why I haven’t published many posts on this blog in the last few months. Thank you so much, dear readers, for your patience and prayers!

Where I live (Victoria Australia) is still in heavy lock-down. The Victorian Govt has passed a law which will make it easy for them to keep all Victorians locked-down indefinitely and persecute truth-tellers. I consider this a political emergency because so many human rights are being violated and so many lies are being told. For that reason, I have been more than usually active on Twitter (and to a lesser degree on Facebook) trying to raise awareness about the Covid Fraud. I have also composed and recorded new lyrics for the Australian National Anthem.

To understand why I use the term Covid Fraud, watch these two videos —

Crimes Against Humanity — Dr Reiner Fuellmich

Better Normal, not New Normal — World Doctors Alliance

I tweet at @NotUnderBondage


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The 1611 King James Bible gave “if he hates her, put her away” as an alternate translation of Malachi 2:16.

Revised edition of Not Under Bondage is in the pipeline


  1. a Berean Sister

    Bless your heart, Barbara….know that you matter, and what you are doing matters! I am interested in your research / findings and plan to read your paper – I’m in agreement at how this passage has been used to further harm wives who have been abused…. I’ve done a bit of similar research on 1 Tim 2:12, but not nearly to the same extent as you…. I have bits and pieces….so your research might help guide me in any further digging I might do as my Bible study now is often comprised of going to the original languages to the extent that I can w/ out having learned Hebrew or Greek….this is where the internet has been amazing at helping uncover the history of Scripture and that we can access documents from across the ages and people from around the world can share their work for anyone to read instead of just having it limited to a small group in their dusty corner of some library….stay strong, Sister!

    • Thanks, Berean Sister! I know (via cyberspace) a lady who is deeply researching 1 Tim 2:12. Her name is Ali Rowan. I got to know her when she commented on the ACFJ Facebook page. She is a member of the Facebook Group Biblical Christian Egalitarians. You might like to message the admins of that group, asking if you can join the group.

      I am very impressed with Ali Rowan’s research on 1 Tim 2:12. In my view, her work on it is cutting edge, and fascinating. She is preparing a paper on it. I have encouraged her to publish the paper at Academia.edu, but I’m not sure if she is going to take up that suggestion.

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