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Things I Wish You Understood: An Open Letter to Ministers From a Family Violence Survivor (via TGC Australia)

This stupendous article by an anonymous woman was published yesterday at The Gospel Coalition Australia. Things I Wish You Understood: An Open Letter to Ministers From a Family Violence Survivor To the ministers of the church universal I am a family violence survivor. It seems weird to me to say that, because my experiences don’t …

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I just hate feeling like I am back at square one when some of these triggers come

[June 17, 2022: There have been some changes made to this post. For more information, read the Editors’ notes at the bottom of the post. Editors.] A survivor friend wrote to me recently: Today I got a card from one of my ex’s relatives and she wrote inside it, “Jesus died on the cross for ___ and …

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EMDR— a therapy for the trigger reactions of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This post was contributed by one of our readers.  Many thanks to her! How many times have we heard people say that any form of psychology is wrong for Christians? Can you count how many times you have heard that? I myself have lost count. Being told that, however, did cause me great confusion, because …

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Making complaint . . . and getting the brush-off

Someone recently implied (in an email to us) that we ought to be more circumspect and less hasty to judge a Christian organization simply because one of their lower level staff members did not respond to our concerns in a way we thought was fully adequate. For example, in the thread from our Review of …

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Is Silence Golden In Abuse?

In the quiet of the sleepy morning, I find myself, as I often do, on the bottom of the stairs in my home, cuddling my two kids, who are triggering and on high alert. I often am too, in the mornings. The three of us are afraid a lot at that time of day. My …

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Words I Choke On (or used to anyway)

Trigger alert. This is an honest look at how I allowed my warped sense of these words and my conceit to control me and keep me in an unsafe marriage. These are all words that stopped me in my tracks: Abused Abuse Domestic Violence Victim Separated Divorce Divorce papers Single mom Ex Child Support —————————– …

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