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Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Things I Wish You Understood: An Open Letter to Ministers From a Family Violence Survivor (via TGC Australia)

This stupendous article by an anonymous woman was published yesterday at The Gospel Coalition Australia.

Things I Wish You Understood: An Open Letter to Ministers From a Family Violence Survivor

To the ministers of the church universal

I am a family violence survivor. It seems weird to me to say that, because my experiences don’t meet the stereotypical and horrific stories of constant physical or sexual abuse that come to mind when I hear the words “family violence’. I am hesitant to speak, lest someone tell me “that’s not really abuse” (see point 4). And yet, I sit in church, during sermons on marriage, gender roles and divorce and I struggle. As I struggle, I think to myself “there are some things this minister could do to help me right now. I wonder if they know that?”

So I’m writing to you. Not to tell you that you’re doing a bad job, not to condemn you, but to give you one example of what goes on in the mind and body of one woman, while she’s listening to you preach, and trying to hear the Word of God. I’m writing to tell you some small things you can do to make it that little bit easier for me to listen and learn, and actually hear what you are saying.  …

To read the full article, click here.


You cannot comment on the article here, but you can comment on it at The Gospel Coalition of Australia. SAFETY REMINDER—  If you are a survivor of abuse we urge you to be mindful when submitting comments at The Gospel Coalition. TGC Australia does not moderate comments before they are published.  Remember to disidentify your comment. And remember to not comment from your Facebook identity,  if that might put you at increased risk from your abuser(s).

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  1. Finding Answers

    The letter contains information I think might be useful beyond pastors and victims / survivors. Christians in general might find themselves open to greater understanding of the world of “C”hristian abuse.

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