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Neuroplasticity, learning disabilities and domestic abuse

I recently read The Woman Who Changed Her Brain, a book by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young who founded Arrowsmith, a secular program for students with learning disabilities. Barbara Arrowsmith-Young’s TEDx talk, ‘The Woman Who Changed Her Brain’, can be viewed here. Here is the blurb from the back cover of The Woman Who Changed her Brain: And …

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How Reformed theology brings me freedom, and how I respond to unfair accusations

This post is written by Ellie, one of our readers. I keep thinking about ways I’ve been misunderstood by my abuser and his parents, and I daydream about trying to explain things so that [husband] and his parents will see and understand what happen and why I left, why I HAD to leave. But I …

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Yesterday I watched Jeff S’s live concert on the web. Megan and I watched it together, and her husband David got home from work in the middle and watched it too once he’d tucked Meg’s youngest child into bed. Megan sometimes sang backing harmonies with her exquisite soprano. I danced my hands in the air  …

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Triggers Due to Trauma: A Journey of Recovery (in Progress) – by Deborah

The following personal account was written by a friend who has survived years of horrific abuse.  She hopes her experience in dealing with trauma will help others who read it: Trauma My therapist and I have been down this road of healing from abuse for a while now. I have to be honest, I have …

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