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Diane Langberg interviewed about domestic and sexual abuse, by The Mortification of Spin

Dr Diane Langberg was interviewed recently on The Mortification of Spin, which is a podcast produced by Carl Trueman, Todd Pruitt and the new member of their team Aimee Byrd (aka The Housewife Theologian). Click here for the interview. The title they have given the interview makes it look like it is only about child sexual abuse, …

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Counseling Victims of Domestic Abuse — by Diane Langberg, PhD

Diane Langberg is a Christian psychologist who we featured at this blog a week ago (here). Counseling Victims of Domestic Abuse is a presentation Diane gave at the Forum Of Christian Leaders, Budapest, 25 May 2010. Alternative link to video: Counselling Victims of Domestic Abuse In this talk, Diane condemns the way that many Christians minimize …

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Child Sexual abuse conference, South Carolina, this weekend.

Informational post:  although this conference is on child sexual abuse not domestic abuse, the subject matter often overlaps, so we thought we’d pass this on to our readers. Thanks to one of our FB readers for tipping us off about the event. Open Your Eyes: A Conference on Childhood Sexual Abuse Friday, September 20, 2013 …

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Leadership, Power and Authority in the Church and Home — by Diane Langberg, PhD

As a Christian psychologist, Diane Langberg has worked with many victims of domestic abuse, sexual abuse and genocide; and also with people who have abused power in positions of Christian leadership. Diane is a practicing psychologist whose clinical expertise includes 40 years of working with trauma survivors and clergy. She is director of Diane Langberg, …

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