Chris Moles Digest

The series on Chris Moles will contain the following posts

Each item in this list will be converted to a link when it gets published.

  1. Introducing the Chris Moles series
  2. Chris Moles is teaching some things about domestic abuse well
  3. Chris Moles gets the gender issues right in domestic abuse & Christianity
  4. Chris Moles heard the women’s stories; what has he done with them?
  5. Chris Moles sometimes endorses the abuser’s narrative
  6. How Chris Moles works with abusers
  7. Is “addressing the hearts of abusive men” the most effective means of reducing violence against women, Chris Moles?
  8. Should biblical counselors put lots of energy into helping abusive men see their sins?
  9. The will-o-the-wisp of hope for abusive men
  10. Victim care is vital: Chris Moles and other biblical counselors are falling short in this
  11. Chris Moles discredits and mislabels victims of domestic abuse
  12. Chris Moles has a Play Doh understanding of salvation
  13. “Do Abusers Change?” Chris Moles answers that question with a mixture of truth & foolishness
  14. Weird jokes, love of money, self-marketing — red flags that Chris Moles is a charlatan
  15. Chris Moles endorses the Peacemakers Ministry, which has no policy on domestic abuse
  16. How many problems can you find in CBMW’s “Statement on Abuse”?
  17. Biblical counseling, tribal loyalties and grooming. Windup of the Chris Moles series.
Chris Moles

Legend for citations of references to Chris Moles’ work

In order to prevent the series being overly peppered with links, I have created a letter code for each item of Chris Moles’ teaching which I refer to. Click on the letter to find the link to that item.

A — Pacific Northwest Radio interview with Chris Moles, Oct 2017

BWhat is domestic violence? – lecture by Chris Moles at IBCD Pre-conference 2017
PDF of the outline notes

C  — The heart of domestic violence – IBCD ibid
PDF of the outline notes

D — Substance abuse and domestic violence – IBCD ibid
PDF of the outline notes

E  — Counseling controlling husbands – IBCD ibid
PDF of the outline notes

F  — Victim care – IBCD ibid
PDF of the outline notes

G — The impact of abuse on children – IBCD ibid
PDF of the outline notes

H  — Audio Interview of Chris Moles – by IBCD staff Craig Marshall & Jim Newheiser 2017

J  — Video clip #3 of item H, the IBCD audio interview 2017

K — Video clip #4 of item H, the IBCD audio interview 2017

L — Chris as a guest speaker at Calvary Baptist Church, video, April 2014

M — The Heart of Domestic Abuse, book by Chris Moles, 2015, Focus Publishing

N —Chris Moles addressing Bethlehem Baptist Church, uploaded by BBC to Vimeo approx May 2017.

P — 3 Ways to Bring More Clarity to our Domestic Violence Responses – post by Chris at his blog May 2018

Q — Helping the Church Respond to Abusive Spouses, [This video takes time to load. Editors.] video of Chris speaking at the Biblical Counseling Coalition Conference held at Faith Church, Lafayette, Indiana Feb 2018. This item can also be found here. [This link is broken and there is no replacement. Editors.]

RCounseling in the Brambles – podcast by Chris in which he talks to Darby Strickland, a counselor from CCEF (Christian Counseling & Education Foundation), Feb 2018.

SClarifying our Response to Domestic Violence – podcast by Chris Moles, May 2018. Chris discusses Paige Patterson’s ideas on DV, and then he discusses CBMW’s latest statement on abuse and offers some suggestions for how CBMW could improve it.

TTelling the Truth to Yourself – blog post in which Chris addresses abusive men, Jan 2018.

V — The Church, Abuse and Me Too – podcast by Chris where he talks to Elyse Fitzpatrick, Feb 2018.

WThe Four Pillars of Domestic Abuse – podcast by Chris where he uses King David’s sin against Bathsheba as an example of the mentality of men who exploit women, Jan 2018.

X — Domestic Violence: Getting to the Heart – blog post by Chris at the Biblical Counseling Coalition,  April 2013

YGreat week of travelling and teaching – blog post by Chris Moles about the 2018 conference of Association of Biblical Counselors, April 2018.

Z — RTS Charlotte: Rev. Chris Moles “The Heart of Domestic Abuse” – video of Chris speaking at Reformed Theological Seminary, April 2018.

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