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We’ve added items to our Resources page and made some changes to the blog.  Take a look!


Children of Domestic Violence

Staying for the Kids? [Internet Archive link] by Barbara Roberts
When the kids blame the victim too [Internet Archive link] by Barbara Roberts

Supporters of Victims of Domestic Abuse

Truelove Homes [Internet Archive link] Truelove Homes is a non-profit Christian ministry that educates, encourages, and empowers pregnant survivors of domestic violence as they seek sake and affordable homes, where truth and love will dwell.

Video & Audio

Abuse in the Church A four-part course on DVD, which is available for purchase, will equip both counselors and church leaders to help Christian organizations prepare and implement procedures to prevent child and adult abuse and to take appropriate action when faced with allegations. The two speakers of the course are Philip G. Monroe, PsyD and Basyle Tchividjian, JD.  (Also on the Sexual Abuse and Training Materials pages.)

Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men Lecture given by Lundy Bancroft in 2006.  Hosted by the Network for Women’s Lives.

Making the Church a Safe Place In this two-part video training, Dr. Monroe, Professor of Counseling and Psychology at BTS will explore how faith communities can unintentionally create additional distress for those with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.  This video series shows how to 1) identify common struggles of trauma survivors in faith communities, 2) understand the impact of trauma on the brain functioning and interpersonal relationship, 3) recognize the tendency to overspiritualize invisible wounds, and 4) identify leader, lay, and counselor interventions to improve the church experience of those suffering from PTSD. (Also on the Understanding Abuse and PTSD pages.)

Narcissism and the System it Breeds Dr. Langberg, clinical faculty with Biblical Seminary and GTRI, lectures on the characteristics of narcissistic leaders and the temptations for organizational systems to support them.  This five-part video will help you to 1) identify common features of narcissistic leaders and organization, 2) examine individual and system vulnerabilities to toxic leadership, 3) summarize best practices for therapy with narcissistic individuals, and 4) compare leadership style of Jesus Christ and egocentric and demanding church leaders. (Also on the Understanding Abuse and PTSD pages.)

Understanding and Responding to Dissociation In this two-part video, Dr. Langberg, Clinical faculty with Biblical Seminary and GTRI, examines the experience of dissociation, the process of “leaving” the present, and provides ten principles for working with clients diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder.  The video series teaches how to 1) identify the signs and symptoms of dissociation, 2) help others recognize and stop reliving past traumatic experiences, 3) recognize diagnostic features of Dissociative Identity Disorder, and 4) explore town principles and cautions for those working with DID clients.  (Also on the Understanding Abuse and PTSD pages.)

New page on the Resources

ACFJ Domestic Violence Flyers — Country Specific


Website Additions and Changes

We have overhauled the ACFJ Hall of Blind Guides — Resources that Will Not Help (and may harm) Abuse Victims.  This page is found on the top menu bar under Our Beliefs.  It now contains three listings:  Christian Denominations, Christian Authors and Ministries, and Books.  (Note: these are resources we do not recommend for abuse victims.)

At the request of one of our readers we have collected all the allegories/analogies that our readers have mentioned in their comments. (Thanks, Reader, for this great idea!) Additionally we have also compiled a list of all the blog posts that contain an allegory, analogy, or fairy tale. You can find these collections on our new INSIGHTS tab on the top menu bar.  (Note: the INSIGHTS tab replaces the Gems tab, but the Gems are still there.)


ACFJ now tweets each post: @_CryforJustice


Tags allow us to group posts that share a common theme.  A complete list of tags can be found on the top menu bar and the most common tags in the tag cloud on the sidebar. New tags include: Scapegoating and Allegories / analogies / fairy tales

2 thoughts on “Blog Update”

  1. Bravo to all of this. I don’t tweet, but I think it’s great that you’ve added that to get the word out. Thank you, twbtc and all of you, for your faithfulness and diligence in serving the Lord through this ministry.

  2. This video “Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men” is incredibly educational and compelling. It should be shown over and over again to the court, judges and all people so that they would learn from it and understand.. It truly opened my eyes completely … Thank you for publishing this.

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