A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Children of Domestic Abuse

David’s Slingshot

A blog where children express their fear, pain and desperation through poems, art, music, and letters

Bursting the Bubble

A site for teenagers and young people about domestic abuse. Note: Not a Christian site.

[Editors note: Bursting the Bubble is now What’s OK at Home – or WOAH. The website is http://woah.org.au. Information describing WOAH can be found lower down here on the Children of Domestic Abuse page.]

Cedar Network

Cedar (Children Experiencing Domestic Abuse Recovery) is a unique way of working with children, young people and their mothers who have experienced domestic abuse.  This website has all the information you will need to find out more about Cedar, how it works and where you can access the service.

Children Against Court Appointed Child Abuse

This website is run by adults who as children were victims of Court Appointed Child Abuse, where Family Court orders them to have contact with or even live full time with their abusive parent or were alienated from their protective parent by the lies of the abusive parent.

Courageous Kids Network

This website is run by adults who as children were victims of Court Appointed Child Abuse, where Family Court orders them to have contact with or even live full time with their abusive parent or were alienated from their protective parent by the lies of the abusive parent.

Custody Preparation for Moms

A support site provided by those that have been through the process. The link here takes you directly to their website page on parental alienation allegations.

“Dear Sheldon…” A Story of Maternal Abuse

by Taylor Joy Young, blogger and survivor of a domestic abuser mother.

Family Violence Hurts Kids Too

Information for parents who are in abusive relationships but think “I can put up with it; it’s not hurting the kids, it’s only hurting me.”

G.R.A.C.E. (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment)

A website whose mission is to empower the Christian community through education and training to recognize and respond to the sin of child abuse.

How can I help my children heal from abuse?

ACFJ FAQ page with a list of related posts.

How Do I Tell My Children We are Leaving Daddy?

A post in which the ACFJ readership discusses how to answer this difficult question.

Jessica Fisher

Powerful story from eldest daughter of The Willis Clan. “As far back as I can remember, I was sexually abused by my father…”

Parental Alienation Syndrome: Frye v. Garnder in the Family Courts

Article by Jerome H. Poliacoff, Ph.D., P.A., Cynthia L. Greene, Esq., and Laura Smith, Esq. that refutes the premise that Parental alienation syndrome is a valid diagnosis and should be admitted into child custody cases.

Protective Behaviors for Children

An ACFJ post that might answer some questions from mothers who are about to have to provide their abuser with unsupervised access to their children, and the mothers know the abuser has been sexually grooming or outright sexually abusing the children.

Protective Parent Storehouse

This website is for the parent involved in a custody dispute where a potential abuser, his/her legal team, or Child Protective Services has accused you of false reporting or characterized you as vengeful and mentally ill.

Revisiting Parental Alienation Syndrome – Scientific Questions, Real World Consequences

This article from Social Work Today presents the “other side” of the PAS debate.

Safety Planning with Children of Battered Women

by Lundy Bancroft

Seven Long Years

by Cindy Burrell

Staying for the kids?

An ACFJ blog post by Barbara Roberts

The Truth Behind Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) — part 1
The Real Parental Alienation — part 2

Two ACFJ blog posts the reveal the myth of PAS.

Understanding the Batterer in Custody and Visitation Disputes

by Lundy Bancroft

IMPORTANT NOTE:  While we endorse Lundy’s writings about the dynamics of domestic abuse, we do not recommend anyone attend the ‘healing retreats’ Lundy Bancroft offers or become involved in his ‘Peak Living Network.’ See our post, ACFJ Does Not Recommend Lundy Bancroft’s Retreats or His New Peak Living Network for more about our concerns.

Using The Internet Safely, While Advocating For Your Personal Custody Case.

from Protective Mothers’ Alliance International

Waiting at the Window

by Cindy Burrell

What About the Children?

by Cindy Burrell

What if the abusers were one’s parents? 

ACFJ FAQ page with a list of related posts.

What’s OK at Home (WOAH) website

by Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria, Melbourne AU.

WOAH is a one-if-a-kind online platform with exercises, stories and information that support children and young people aged 10-17 to recognize family violence and provides practical guidance to support their safety, health and emotional wellbeing.

When Kids Blame The Victim Too

An ACFJ blog post by Barbara Roberts

The Connection Between Batterers and Child Sexual Abuse Perpetrators

by Lundy Bancroft

WomensLaw.org — a project of the National Network to end Domestic Violence (NNEDV)

WomensLaw is an extensive website launched to provide legal information and resources for victims of domestic violence.  They also provide several pages of safety tips, here, one of which is titled Safety Planning with Children.

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