A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Blog Update

Over the past few months we have added items to our Resources page and made some changes to the blog.  Check them out as you have time.


Online Resources

Safety Planning

1) About Safety Planning  This site contains material to help you understand safety planning, make a safety plan for yourself, make a safety plan with family and friends, and provides a checklist for staying safe.
2) Risk Assessment  For practitioners and victim-advocates, this article explains what is necessary to understand and assess risk.  (Also on the Training Materials page)
3) Staying Safe and Secure with Self Defense [This is no longer available. Editors.] LiveWatch website provides links to self-defense information and training.

Sexual Abuse

Marital Rape:  Is it Even a Possibility in Christian Marriage? [Internet Archive link] This post at Spiritual Sounding Board exposes and rebuts the wicked thinking of a man who claims that marital rape cannot happen in a Christian marriage because the wife gave permanent consent to sexual intercourse with her husband when she took her marriage vows.

Social Networking and Cyber Safety

1) Mr. Number — free app for Android devices  This app blocks calls and texts.
2) Spyware apps used to monitor partners [Internet Archive link]  This article explains how the use of spyware apps by abusers to monitor partners is reaching ‘epidemic proportions’.

What Does Scripture Really Say?

Forgiveness and Reconciliation [Internet Archive link] Excellent article by April Kelsey

Website Additions and Changes

Comments section

We have added a Comment Likes system to the blog.  Underneath each comment you now see the word “Like” preceded by a blue star.  Click the blue star and the star color and text updates to show that you’ve liked the comment.  If you change your mind, click the star again to unlike the comment.


Redeemed (Joe Pote’s blog)


To the About page found on the top menu bar we have added:  Non-Negotiables for Effective and Biblical Abuse Ministry.

Prayer Requests

The 2014 Prayer Requests are now listed on a separate page though still under the Prayer Requests [This link is broken. Editors.] page.


We have reconfigured the Scriptures page which is located on the top menu bar. Take a look.


Tags allow us to group posts that share a common theme.  A complete list of tags can be found on the top menu bar and the most common tags in the tag cloud on the sidebar. New tags include:  Book Review, CCEF (Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation), Translation.

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