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Stockholm Syndrome, codependency and other labels used to pathologize, blame and discredit victims.

There are many labels used to pathologise, blame and discredit victims: Stockholm Syndrome battered women’s syndrome learned helplessness codependency traumatic bonding re-enactment of trauma repetition compulsion women choose abusive men women unconsciously attract abusive men The concept of “Stockholm Syndrome” has become a ‘received truth’ in the mental health field. It shifts the focus away …

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The Myth of “Stockholm Syndrome” and other labels which are used to discredit and pathologize victims of abuse

When I first read about ‘Stockholm Syndrome’  I was delighted because it seemed to explain some of my feelings and thoughts towards my husband when I was married to him. And it seemed to explain why I found it so hard to identify that he was in fact abusing me — and how hard it was to decide …

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Are Abuse Victims Codependent?

The term codependent is often used to describe the relationship between victims of abuse and their abusers, whether the description is made by a counselor, therapist, friend, or an author. It is easy to find online articles that link codependency and domestic abuse. For example, one article I found is titled, “DOMESTIC ABUSE: C is for Codependency” …

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Interview with Catherine DeLoach Lewis (part 2)

In Part Two of my interview with Catherine DeLoach Lewis, I asked her about codependency, and what she has seen in her work with survivors who are trying to recover from domestic abuse. My questions are in italics, Cathy’s answers are in plain font. Go here for Part One of the interview. * * * …

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Second-Wave Locusts

One of the most difficult things that  a survivor of domestic abuse can do is learn to bloom. After being a stay at home mom in a dark and dismal home . . . living day in and day out believing I was worth little . . . it has been difficult to learn to …

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The Old Man Fallacy as an Excuse for Abuse in Independent Fundamental Baptist Theology

The following lines are taken from the doctrinal statement that appears at the Sword of the Lord website.  Sword of the Lord is a publication that has been around for decades, promoting KJV only, separatist, soul-winning fundamentalism.  In the same statement, the Sword of the Lord insists that: …the Bible, the Scriptures of the Old …

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