A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Don Hennessy on his book “Steps To Freedom” – interviewed by Irish radio


Don Hennessy speaks with wisdom and compassion. Much good info here.

One thing I learned that I hadn’t heard before was Don giving more details about the Cork Relationship Counseling Centre’s experience of running groups for male perpetrators. After running those groups for a while, they realised that the groups were doing more harm than good.

  • The abusers were learning new abusive strategies from each other.
  • The target women were expecting the men’s groups to reform their partners / ex-partners, so they felt let down by the counseling centre.

The counselors keep running the men’s groups for a while longer, not in the expectation they would be able to change the men for the better, but in order to study the men to be able to find a language that described the abusive men’s mentality and strategies.

They eventually concluded that men who abuse their intimate female partners were using the same strategies as PEDOPHILES — targetting, setting up, and grooming. They also concluded that men who abuse adult women in intimate relationships are better at targetting, setting up and grooming than pedophiles are.

This interview of Don Hennessy was done in 2018, but I have only just found it.

I will be adding this post to my Don Hennessy Digest. If you want to learn more about Don’s work, click that link.


  1. Auriel

    Wonderful to hear Don. I haven’t read “Steps to Freedom”, but I have just read his second book, “How He Wins”. As a target woman I was overjoyed to find that someone, especially a man, could describe my nightmare marriage so succinctly.

    He gave me a language to describe my husband and how and what he did to me. I was married for almost 3 decades and Don helped me understand how I lived so long in that nightmare.

    My husband is an evil menace and I am afraid of his capability to lie and groom others. We share 3 sons, so I’m in prayer every day for our protection.

    Don is a light in the dark world of psychological abuse.

    [Paragraph breaks added to enhance readability. Editors.]

    • Hi, Auriel, just FYI, How He Wins is Don Hennessy’s third book.

      Cork University Press published Hennessy’s first book How He Gets Into Her Head. Liberties Press published his second and third books: Steps to Freedom and How He Wins .

  2. Finding Jesus

    In my journey to freedom I have read most of the major works I can get my hands on, Hennessy is the only one for me that tied up the knots! I am not 100% free YET but I take great hope in that future. Until then God is with me, He hears me, and He has supernaturally guided me. Am I weary at times you bet, but He keeps leading me to my source of strength which is Him, and I am finally okay with that!!! What a fight I put the Lord thru to capture my soul. I am no longer enslaved to my abuser but to Jesus Christ!! I heard this line that was in the Harriet Tubman movie:

    Liberty doesn’t come free you got to fight for it, with all your strength fight for it!!

    Thank God for the weapons he gives up thru this site and people with some sense like Hennessy.

  3. Not surprised

    Wow….very revealing – and I agree with the assessments. I found out after being hunted out by the abuser – then quickly married – then abused – and months after I fled – that he, the “godly” charming Bible quoting self-righteous man had a history that included the pedophile life decades old….and apparently had also been a huge factor in the reason his last wife left him. I – we – had no idea – until it was too late… He learned how to get away with it, and cover it up somewhere….had he been in one of the programs you mentioned he would have been the exact person that would have taken the input to do more evil. You cannot force healing – if someone is ordered to attend a course – good luck.

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