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A review of John Piper’s “This Momentary Marriage” that you might like to vote on

A very good review of John Piper’s book This Momentary Marriage: A Parable of Permanence has been published on the Westminster Bookstore’s website.  You might like to go to the review and ‘like’ it, or even make a comment on it.

This link takes you to the page for the book, and you then have to click on the Reviews tab (not the tab marked WTS Reviews).

This Momentary Marriage: A Parable of Permanence [Internet Archive link]

Westminster Bookstore is the campus bookstore for Westminster Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania USA.


  1. LorenHaas

    This is a brilliant review.
    Thanks for bringing this out of obscurity

  2. Little Chrissy

    Excellent review. It really gets to the heart of the matter discussed on this blog – how the evil of abuse lives in our churches! The WTS Reviews and Endorsements are very disheartening. We must keep talking about this!

    • I give thanks that the management at Westminster Bookstore published this review. They must truly value the opinions of all readers and not be afraid to censor criticism of the books they sell when such criticism is well argued and addresses the doctrinal issues, without casting aspersions on the character or motives of the book’s author.

  3. Free

    Great review. This definitely needs to be talked about.

    • Martin

      That is definitely a great review — thanks for sharing. Another good exercise is simply to go to his web site and download the free Adobe pdf copy of the book. Do a word search in the book for the successive words “I think” in the text. You will find the book is rich with his own personal conclusions related to controversial topics – masked under the seemingly innocuous and unsubstantiated expression “I think.” On p. 174 he even admits that he holds the minority view on the controversial exception clauses in the Gospel of Matthew. I am disappointed with two of the endorsements for the book, Grudem and Carson, who both hold contrary views in scholarly work related to the pivotal exception clauses.

      • Katy

        But isn’t Grudem the one who’s infamous for writing a list of responsibilities/commandments for the gender roles? Like women shalt not wear pants or go to college or something (I would have to go look at the Biblical Womanhood stuff they wrote and I don’t really want to waste precious minutes of my life)

  4. The Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service also has reviews of Piper’s This Momentary Marriage. Unfortunately their website does not have “Like” buttons so you can like individual reviews, but you can add a review of your own if you want to say you agree with what other reviewers have written.

  5. Fogislifting

    I followed the link but could not find a ‘reviews’ tab. :/ H went to see a new counsellor this week and I notice that book has appeared on our coffee table since then. I’m concerned about it as I’ve read a few posts about John Piper on this site recently, so I wanted to check it out.

    • Amazon has quite a few critical reviews of “This Momentary Marriage”. To read them, click here.

      And if you want to check out our thoughts on Piper, here is our tag for John Piper. We currently have 31 posts with that tag.

  6. Fogislifting, I checked just now, and you are right. The “Reviews” tab is no longer there.

    At the link, it says the book is on limited availability — which might be good news if it means it is nearly out of stock. That could account for the fact that they have removed the reviews tab.

    Let’s hope they don’t reprint the book, but with the Piper/Desiring God publishing juggernaut, I think that’s a slim hope. It’s more likely that the book is going to be reprinted by a different publisher or imprint.

    If anyone has further info on this, let us know on this thread!

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