A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Free training in North Carolina — Domestic Violence and the Church

Barbara Roberts is one of the presenters at this training in Domestic Violence and the Church training in Charlotte, North Carolina. [You can invite people using the Facebook page in this link.]

Thank you to Julie Owens and others for organising this event 🙂

Saturday, May 4, 2013
8:30am until 3:30pm in EDT
Johnston Memorial Presbyterian Church, 729 E. 36th Street, Charlotte, NC

Domestic Violence and the Church:

Understanding the Issues & Supporting Victims


Julie Owens, DV survivor; HOPE Violence & Trauma Consultants
Barbara Roberts, A Cry For Justice & Not Under Bondage
Sunya Folayan, The Empowerment Project, Inc.


8:30 Welcome & Announcements
8:45 Introductions
9:00 Understanding Domestic Violence – Julie Owens

  • • Worldwide Violence against Women
  • • Historical & Legal Context of Violence against Women
  • • Types of Abuse
  • • DV Relationship Dynamics
  • • DV Myths & Misconceptions- What is DV & Why does it happen?
  • • Profile of an Abuser/Understanding the Abuser
  • • Intervention with Abusers/ Why ‘Anger Management’ Doesn’t Stop DV
  • • Can a Batterer Change?

10:00 Break

10:15 The Levite’s Concubine: domestic abuse in the Bible – Barb Roberts
11:15 Mistakes Christian Helpers make; Commonly Misused Scriptures – Julie Owens

12:00 Brown bag lunch

12:30 Scriptural dilemmas of the Christian victim; When Neutrality is not neutral; Forgiveness & Repentance; Divorce and Remarriage – Barb Roberts
1:30 What Christian Survivors Need to Hear; Helpful Scriptures – Julie Owens
1:45 Providing Respectful Individualized Victim Support – Sunya Folayan
2:30 Do’s and Don’ts group exercise– Barb Roberts

3:00 Resources for Christian victims & helpers
3:15 Evaluations/Completion certificates
3:30 Dismissal

RSVP julieowens@outlook.com

WHERE: Johnston Memorial Presbyterian Church, 729 E. 36th Street, Charlotte, N.C. 28205
TIME: 8:30AM-3:30 PM
NOTE: Bring your own brownbag lunch

Certificates of attendance will be provided for those attending the full day. CEUs are not offered for this event


  1. MeganC

    I just invited a bunch of folks. This is GREAT!!

    • Thanks Meg! Apparently the training is filling up fast. 🙂

  2. KingsDaughter

    Is there any chance that a video or audio of this training will be available for people who are geographically challenged? 😉

    • We are praying for the right techno person to volunteer to record this event and put it up on the web.

    • UPDATE! A professional photographer and friend of Julie Owens has offered to video record the training! I will definitely give permission for my presentations to be uploaded to YouTube, and I am guessing that the other presenters will too.

      So excited about this!

      • sibu

        Hi, is the video available on you tube?

      • I have yet to receive the master copy from the photographer. Then I have to work on it to add in the slides I used in the talk, as the video only has my talking head. Then I have to decide whether to put it up on YouTube or make it into a DVD.

  3. Amy

    Wow! I wish I could go. My family lives in Charlotte, but I’m a thousand miles away.

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