A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

An inspiring court story: how Ann M defended herself and won

This post at Lundy Bancroft’s blog will inspire all our readers, especially those who are facing tough court cases themselves. Please go there and encourage Ann and Lundy.

The Truth Comes Out in Ann M’s Case

[Here is an amazing update on Ann M.’s case, written by Ann herself. The names of all of the children have been altered, but the names of professionals have not been changed.]

Hi Lundy,

I want to thank you again for blogging about my case earlier this year.

Here are the latest events: My ex took me to court saying he should have full custody of the last minor child, Emma, age 16. Ezra and Will are at college and the three oldest are out of the house. Five days before the trial my attorney told me he would need an additional fifteen thousand dollars to represent me in court saying he had already used up the other five thousand I gave him just reading up on my case.

So I represented myself, knowing God would be my defense! We did great! . . .

Click on the link above to read the rest of the post

***IMPORTANT NOTE:  While we endorse Lundy’s writings about the dynamics of domestic abuse, we do not recommend anyone attend the ‘healing retreats’ Lundy Bancroft offers or become involved in his ‘Peak Living Network.’ See our post, ACFJ Does Not Recommend Lundy Bancroft’s Retreats or His New Peak Living Network for more about our concerns. 


  1. Still scared

    So fantastic!! Cheering!!

  2. Anonymous

    What a wonderful result! Ann trusted God to be her defense and she wasn’t let down. Ultimately, He is the God of justice and will not abandon those who love Him.

  3. Rejoicing in another victory for a very strong woman… Yes!!! God is so good!

  4. Joyce

    Oh yay!

  5. Jeff Crippen

    Now if the judge would apologize for falsely jailing her earlier, AND put the people who lied in court in jail for perjury….

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