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Wise as Serpents — A Practical Theology of Evil: Sermon Series

Wise as Serpent — A Practical Theology of Evil is a 26-part sermon series given by Ps Crippen at Christ Reformation Church.  The sermon series is a practical theology of evil.  The purpose is to expose evil in its practice.  Also the method is not primarily to produce an academic, theoretical, nor philosophical threats, but rather an experiential and earthy (yet profoundly spiritual) walk in the footsteps of Christ’s people sent out as sheep in the midst of wolves.  It is practical truth for practicing followers of Jesus Christ who, whether they fully realize it or not, actually do have a roaring lion on the prowl seeking to devour them.

We have compiled the entire sermon series here with links to each post.  Each sermon was individually posted on the blog with each post also providing a link to the audio and PDF of each sermon from sermonaudio.com.


Part 1  Wise as Serpents: Exposing Evil in its Practice

Part 2: Wise as Serpents: Evil Comes to Eden

Part 3: Wise as Serpents: Light Comes into the World — and Evil Attacks

Part 4: Wise as Serpents: Do You Want to be Healed?

Part 5: Wise as Serpents: Cain is Still With Us Today

Part 6: Wise as Serpents: Broadway is Evil

Part 7: Wise as Serpents: What Does Evil Look Like?

Part 8: Wise as Serpents: What Does the Holy Spirit Look Like?

Part 9: Wise as Serpents: Evil is Among Us, Why are We Surprised?

Part 10: Wise as Serpents: Innocent as Doves Does not Mean Ignorance of Evil

Part 11: Wise as Serpents: The Seductive Beauty of Evil

Part 12: Wise as Serpents:  Evil and the Road to Rome — Craving Power and Control

Part 13: Wise as Serpents: The Consistent Motive of Evil is to Enslave

Part 14: Wise as Serpents: Evil Always Distorts God’s Word

Part 15: Wise as Serpents: Why Do We Keep Silent About Evil?

Part 16: Wise as Serpents: Christ is Risen and Satan is Thrown out of Court

Part 17: Wise as Serpents: “Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe” — Darkness and Secrecy are Part of the Very Essence of Evil

Part 18: Wise as Serpents: Calling Evil Good, and Good Evil

Part 19: Wise as Serpents: The Church’s Other Mission Field

Part 20: Wise as Serpents: Increasing in the Wisdom and Knowledge of the Lord

Part 21: Wise as Serpents: Grace is Not for Everyone

Part 22: Wise as Serpents: Stop Being ‘Nice’

Part 23: Wise as Serpents: Take the Lord’s Warnings About Evil Seriously

Part 24: Wise as Serpents: Does the Christian Still Have an Evil Heart?

Part 25: Wise as Serpents: If the Word You are Hearing Does not Set You Free, it is not the Word of God

Part 26: Wise as Serpents: The End of All Evil

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