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Thursday Thought — Denial vs. Lying

A phenomenon traditionally labeled denial is in essence an unconscious ego defense mechanism.  It’s the psyche’s natural way of protecting a person’s conscious mind from the experience of unbearable emotional pain  It’s a “this just can’t be happening” kind of reaction to an event or circumstance that occurred too suddenly, with such intensity, or was …

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Thursday Thought — Minimizing Abuse

When he uses the tactic of minimization, the disturbed character is attempting to convince someone else that the wrongful thing he did wasn’t really as bad or as harmful as he knows it was and as he knows the other person thinks it was.  He might admit part of what he did was wrong, and …

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Thursday Thought — Overt and Covert Aggression

Two Important Types of Aggression Two of the most fundamental types of fighting. . . are overt and covert aggression.  When you’re determined to have your way or gain advantage and you’re open, direct, and obvious in your manner of fighting, your behavior is best labeled overtly aggressive.   When you’re out to “win”, get …

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Barbara Roberts being interviewed by Dr George Simon

NOTE: New date for interview This is a reminder that tomorrow on Sunday 28th September George Simon’s Character Matters broadcast will feature an interview with Barbara Roberts, one of the co-leaders of A Cry For Justice. You can listen to the interview live, or download the show later. Time of the broadcast: Sunday 28 Sept 7pm …

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Dr George Simon on the Ray Rice affair

Dr George K Simon Jnr reflected on the Ray Rice affair a few days ago. Simon is a clinical psychologist whose work we often recommend on this blog,  His audio broadcast where he shares his thoughts on the Ray Rice affair can be found here.* [This link is broken and there is no replacement. Editors.] He says that …

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Thursday Thought — What to look for in a therapist

A gem from the GEMS page… “Here’s a simple rule: If it’s simply impossible to see genuine love and concern in your therapist’s proposal for your healing and well-being, it’s probably unholy.” (Dr. George Simon, Getting the Right Kind of Help Part 2)

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