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Similarities between the Word of Faith Movement and Christian Hedonism

[July 1, 2022: There have been some changes made to this post. For more information, read the Editors’ notes at the bottom of the post. Editors.] Many of our readers will be aware that the Word of Faith Movement has long been seen as dangerous by many Bible-believing Christians. Word of Faith teachers urge people …

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What the Apostle Peter says about Doug Phillips the false teacher and false prophet

God’s word speaks volumes about how God is able to rescue and protect the righteous while simultaneously visiting justice upon fools and scoundrels. These truths have been foreground in my mind recently, because of our sister Lourdes Torres, the young woman who was abused by Doug Phillips, the former leader of Vision Forum. (Now she’s married, her full …

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WANTED — Fantasy Wife

I am a deeply flawed man looking for the ideal woman to fix my life. She must be willing to give all of her energy, time, and talent to meeting my needs. She will be my rescuer, savior, and strength. This position is only for a very unique woman . . . is it you? …

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A Story of Freedom — By Bekah Mason

We are grateful and honored to have permission to publish Bekah Mason’s post (originally published on Give Her Wings).  Bekah and Kat are two women who were more than happy to dedicate a few days to aid in the rescue of “Overcoming” (alias) and her daughter from an oppressive family. Overcoming had left an abusive …

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The True Story of the Damaged Daughters of Patriarchy – a memoir

Recently a woman from the UK contacted us and said she’d published her story, Fake Someone Happy [*Affiliate link],  a firsthand account of her relationships with families from an American patriarchy/homeschooling group. She sent me a copy and I finally got to sit down with it this past week. Amazingly enough, right after I finished …

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Leadership, Power and Authority in the Church and Home — by Diane Langberg, PhD

As a Christian psychologist, Diane Langberg has worked with many victims of domestic abuse, sexual abuse and genocide; and also with people who have abused power in positions of Christian leadership. Diane is a practicing psychologist whose clinical expertise includes 40 years of working with trauma survivors and clergy. She is director of Diane Langberg, …

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Letter of Resignation from an Abusive Church

This post is a partial re-publication of a post from The Wartburg Watch blog which was written by Dee, one of TWW’s administrators, in Feb 2012. The original post was titled “How to Minimize Damage When Resigning From a Mark Driscoll-like Church.”  You can find the original post here [Internet Archive link]. We are re-publishing …

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