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Is it always sinful to tell an untruth — Digest

A list of all the posts in my series “Is it always sinful to tell an untruth?”

If I ever get the time to write more posts in this series, I will add them to this list.

1.  Is it always sinful to tell an untruth?

2.  When is it okay to not tell the truth?

3.  Contriving a test to probe whether a hardened heart has repented

4.  Did Abraham order Sarah to be dishonest?

5.  Joseph tested his brothers by falsely accusing them

6. The second test Joseph gave his brothers

Note: Numbers 5 & 6 in this list also belong to another series (the Joseph series).


  1. Auriel

    Thank you, Barbara. Very helpful as usual. Have a blessed week. 💖💖

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