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Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Jimmy Hinton’s new website — Protecting children from sexual predators


Pastor Jimmy Hinton’s life was turned upside down when a victim disclosed to him that she had been sexually abused by the former pastor – Jimmy’s father. Jimmy and his mother reported his father to the police. The father is currently serving a 30-60 year prison sentence for sex crimes against children. Since then Jimmy has worked tirelessly to understand the mind and motives of pedophiles so that we can better protect children from them.

Jimmy’s blog can be found on our blog roll on the side menu. We encourage you to subscribe by email to Jimmy’s blog so you get sent an email each time he posts a new blog post. Click here to go to Jimmy’s blog and then scroll down to find the box where you enter your email address.

Jimmy has a Free Risk Assessment on his website

Jimmy offers a free risk assessment for organizations wanting to protect children from sexual predators. Go to Jimmy Hinton to find the link to the assessment. [The free risk assessment no longer seems to be available on Jimmy Hinton’s website. Editors.]

Jimmy can speak to churches and Christian groups

On the ‘SPEAKING [Internet Archive link]‘ tab at his website, Jimmy says:

Do you ever wonder how to approach the topic of child sexual abuse with your leadership? I’ve found that leaders in organizations truly do have the best interest of children at hand, but they usually don’t know where to even begin to look for outside help. Truth be told, I began speaking on this topic because I craved resources when our world fell apart.  I agonized over the fact that nobody in my circle of family and friends knew that my father was molesting very young children. My life calling is to help other people ensure that they prevent abuse before it ever happens.  It can be done.  Here are some reasons God has placed me in a unique position to help serve you:

  • I reported my pedophile father as soon as allegations of abuse arose.
  • There were victims in my congregation and my wife and I walked the church through the healing process.
  • I consulted with and trained dozens of churches and other secular organizations since my father’s arrest.
  • Trainings are unique because I do demonstrations, showing specific techniques pedophiles and other sexual abusers use to gain access to children.
  • I developed a facility walk through, where high risk areas are identified and solutions are given.
  • I created a Predator Recognition Tool for identifying high risk individuals who otherwise would remain undetected.
  • Prevention and intervention are my highest priorities–waiting to report abuse after the fact is not good enough.
  • My research focuses on understanding the mind of the highly skilled pedophile and how they keep us fooled.
  • I believe good theology leads to good practices and bad theology leads to bad practices–taking a right biblical approach is vital.
  • I am a Certification Specialist for G.R.A.C.E.

You can also follow Jimmy on Facebook.
And you can follow him on Twitter @JimmyHinton12.

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