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The True Heart of a Leader — a guest post

There’s a huge difference between His sheep & His sheep who are called to leadership. The latter have greater accountability and a lot of responsibility that is unique to them. I do not envy them their positions, because the Lord is looking at them quite carefully. You don’t have to be talented, funny, charismatic, or even Biblically trained in leadership, per se, to be a leader in His kingdom. But a person who believes they are called to leadership MUST have His heart. Some of the harshest words Jesus ever spoke were directed at the religious leaders of His day, who did not have His heart. They still make me cringe as I read them, but they are a firm indicator of His love for people. Anyone who does not have His heart needs to get out of leadership, and only come back when they have it because the issues at hand are too serious to allow leaders time for such “baby steps.” Because in the meantime, their sheep will suffer.

Believe me, no one comes to a leader’s job with all the answers, all the know how, etc. A rookie cop learns on the job, but they have the heart to serve the people. A general in an army will learn with experience, but they know enough to be able to handle his soldiers and put their interests first. Brother David is a prime example of someone who had His heart, despite his failures. When he repented, there were no “baby steps.” It was full, real and did not include blaming Bathsheba, blaming her then husband, or blaming Joab, who all had involvement in his scandal, for David knew he was solely responsible.

It used to puzzle me why God kept saying things like, “for the sake of My servant David” and then promising things and blessing people. His reign was full of scandals and shortcomings, yet God seems to see him as a success in His eyes. It is because David loved Him more than himself, more than his sin, and he didn’t need to be convinced, or given time, that he had done great wrong. His heart for the Lord and His people was already there.  Too many leaders today do not have that type of heart, and yet we are expected to “baby” them. I’m sorry — we just can’t allow that.

There is no shame in stepping down; stepping away from leadership if you truly do not have His heart. God can find someone else to lead, as He found Brother David in a very remote field, being an ordinary, no name shepherd. I pray for my pastors to grow in Him, but if they do not have His heart (which only He truly knows for sure) then I pray He puts people in who do. There are precious, beautiful sheep in His kingdom that do not deserve to “wait around” and deal with leaders who are not willing to be like David — who fought the lion, the bear & Goliath to protect the sheep in his care and protect the people, also in his care.

Without people like David in leadership, sheep are being eaten up and spit out as prey. I admire anyone who is willing to repent and admit wrong, even and especially our leaders, but it must be full repentance, and with an understanding that maybe they are not truly fit or ready for leadership.


This post is reproduced from a comment one of our readers made on our FB page.  We thought it was such a good comment we wanted to highlight it in a stand-alone post. Many thanks to the commenter who wrote it.


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