A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Blog Update


Jeff and Barb have decided to change the blog’s publishing schedule because we have been finding ourselves stretched pretty thin trying to keep up with all the work. We are going to only publish posts on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The Sunday post will continue to have a devotional/encouragement flavor. The weekday posts will be our normal weekday fare.

Now, here’s the rest of our update, courtesy of TWBTC.

We want to let you know about additions we have made these past two months to both our Resources page and the website.  Check them out!



BIFF: Quick Responses to High Conflict People by Bill Eddy
Protecting Children from Abuse in the Church by Boz Tchividjian
Seducers Among Our Children by Patrick Crough
Stolen From My Arms by Katherine Sapienza

Online Resources

Understanding Domestic Abuse
1) Domestic Abuse: Myths versus Truths.  YouTube video that refutes 11 comment myths about domestic abuse.
2) Pornography: Lies, Truth and Hope.  A helpful downloadable booklet by the Mennonite Central Committee Canada. (Also listed under Church Positions on Domestic Abuse)
3) Who is the Controlling One?  by Lundy Bancroft
4) Leaving An Abuser: What to Expect and How to Stay Grounded by Cindy Burrell  (Also listed under Deciding to stay or leave)

What does scripture really say?
Olympic Gospel Mission Bible Studies on Domestic Abuse.  Created by Olympia Union Gospel Mission, this PDF workbook includes ten biblical studies which focuses on understanding the basic dynamics of domestic violence relationships, including verbal abuse. (Also listed under Understanding Domestic Abuse)


We’ve added a bio of Deborah, our new ACFJ team member.  Find it on the About page.


Tags allow us to group posts that share a common theme.  A complete list of tags can be found on the top menu bar and the most common tags in the tag cloud on the sidebar.  New tags include:  covenant, Dallas Theological Seminary

Our sidebar has three new icons:  Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for the Blog Update. I continue to pray for the many hours of Christ-honouring labour into keeping this ministry abreast.
    Barbara, thank you for drawing attention to the sidebar links to YouTube, Pinterest, etc. “The Levite’s Concubine” video will warrant another viewing as it is packed with much to study and glean from. Great resource links and valuable tools to share with others:-) Obviously, thank you Pastor Jeff for providing Barb the opportunity to present this precious exposition of God’s Word.

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