. . . and Deborah is coming

Serendipitously, just prior to Meg’s resigning, we took on a new team member at A Cry For Justice. The timing was not orchestrated, it has just happened that way, and we are grateful to be getting a new team member. Not that she will fill the hole that Meg left, as Meg’s contribution has been special and unique (as are all our contributors, team members and commenters alike).

So — we’d like to introduce Deborah, our new team member. Actually, she’s not entirely new: she’s been a commenter and occasional guest poster for some time already. Please welcome Deborah.  You can find her bio on our About page, but we’re reproducing it here:

Deborah is a Christ follower, a wife and a mom, a survivor of domestic abuse and a writer. She’s a special education teacher by training but no longer teaches.  She runs a charity with her husband that helps women understand and come out of abuse.  She’s published a book of poetry born out of her healing journey, and is currently working on another book of poetry as well as a book on abuse aimed at prevention.

If you want to check out Deborah’s prior posts when she was just a guest author, here is the tag:


On Friday we’ll be publishing a post by Deborah titled The Truth Behind Parental Alienation Syndrome.

You’ll see that Deborah’s byline is deborahmom, but we can call her Deborah. The user name “deborah” was not available on WordPress, so she had to select something else.

9 thoughts on “. . . and Deborah is coming”

  1. The timing was not orchestrated, it has just happened that way

    Barb, I do disagree. God was the orchestra leader and lead it to the last crescendo. Just as he knows all of our needs far before we do. Congratulations on your appointment, Deborah.

  2. Deborah, Thank you for becoming a contributor to ACFJ. Your past transparency in other posts have been beneficial in providing insight and guiding us “out of the fog”.

    1. I’m praying hard God will use what He will of me to keep helping as much as I can. I am so thankful for the chance to try.

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