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Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Ideas for saving money and reducing your expenses

I found this website when searching the web for a cheap Sim-only phone deal while I am in the USA. It looks like it might have some good ideas that would help many of our readers who are in financial straits. I found their advice about a $4.99 sim card and a $10 per month plan to be a very good deal for me. They don’t seem to sell stuff, they just share ideas and tips they have discovered.

Mr Money Mustache


  1. Song of joy

    I love frugal, and new ideas! Thanks for posting the link.

  2. sibusi

    Wow, this is so relevant! This is an answered prayer, I was battling between buying a new financed car versus a used one and this battle was taking long because I had to read this blog, now I can make an informed move Thank you so much Barbara

  3. Finding Answers

    (Heavy airbrushing….)

    If my anti-x hadn’t included financial abuse as one of his weapons, I’d be smiling. Plus the divorce process. My expenses are minimal, I am content with not having the latest “toys”. If anything, sometimes I go overboard in the opposite direction, eking survival to barely existing.

    I am so used to “making it work”, making up for all my abusers financial irresponsibility – even, in some cases, being the individual facing a substantial salary cut when the work place “balanced their annual budget”.

    The challenge, for me, is to remember I no longer have financial abusers in my life.

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