A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Links to Lundy Bancroft’s YouTube Lecture – Excellent

This presentation from Lundy Bancroft (author, Why Does He do That?) is excellent and we highly recommend it.

Part 1: Lundy Bancroft pt1 on DV in Popular Culture video

Part 2: Lundy Bancroft pt2 on DV in Popular Culture video

Part 3: Lundy Bancroft pt3 on DV in Popular Culture video

Part 4: Lundy Bancroft pt4 on DV in Popular Culture video

Part 5: Lundy Bancroft pt5 on DV in Popular Culture video

Part 6: Lundy Bancroft pt6 on DV in Popular Culture video

Part 7: Lundy Bancroft pt7 on DV in Popular Culture video

***IMPORTANT NOTE:  While we endorse Lundy’s writings about the dynamics of domestic abuse, we do not recommend anyone attend the ‘healing retreats’ Lundy Bancroft offers or become involved in his ‘Peak Living Network.’ See our post, ACFJ Does Not Recommend Lundy Bancroft’s Retreats or His New Peak Living Network for more about our concerns.


  1. Marie Kvam

    Excellent resource!

  2. You can read a transcript of Part 2 of this video series here.

  3. Now Free After 42 Years

    Lundy Bancroft’s “Why Does He Do That?” was the first book I read on abuse, and one of the best. The videos were hard to watch and listen to, but oh so relevant. Thanks for posting, Jeff.

  4. Maree

    I finally watched the videos and found them to be interesting and informative although the audience’s laughter at inappropriate times was quite disturbing.

  5. Now Free After 42 Years

    It was nervous laughter. Wikipedia states it very well:
    “We have nervous laughter because we want to make ourselves think what horrible thing we encountered isn’t really as horrible as it appears, something we want to believe.”
    I found it hard to watch because to revisit the abuse so graphically (e.g. the physical abuse) was painful. I endured the same type of physical abuse. To watch the Rhianna/Eminem video was horrific.

  6. Yes, “Now Free…”, I watched it a while ago, but I still remember the Rhiannon/Eminem clip. It was graphic, not just the physicality, but the underlying hatred and fear were so well portrayed. To think young people watch that stuff without batting an eyelid, and it raises the music sales! UUGH.

  7. Donna Hemlow

    I cannot find Lundy Bancroft’s credentials anywhere. My husband is a freak about someone having a doctorate as if they are the only ones in this world with any sense. Does anyone know?

    • thepersistentwidow

      Donna, concerning Lundy Bancroft’s credentials, I found this:

      Lundy Bancroft has 14 years of counseling and clinical supervising experience in over 2,000 cases working with batterers. He also served extensively as a custody evaluator and child abuse investigator, appeared as an expert witness in child custody and welfare cases, and led groups for teenage boys exposed to domestic violence. He has been training judges, probation officers and other court personnel on men who batter and on battering’s effects on children. He co-authored articles in the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of Contemporary Psychology and is co-creator of two nationally marketed curricula, one for working with batterers and one for teen-dating violence in schools. In addition, he completed a study for the state of Massachusetts on approaches to meeting the service needs of children exposed to domestic violence.
      From Sage R. Lundy Bancroft [Internet Archive link]

      From the horrific experiences that many of us have had from incompetent degreed counselors, many here would probably agree that an impressive degree means little. Actually, we have found that books used in seminary counseling programs are shockingly inadequate in diagnosing abuse which is why so many church counselors do more damage than help. Rather, we seek counselors who have an understanding of the dynamics of abuse and compassion for the abused. To my knowledge Lundy does not have an impressive degree, but he does understand the patterns typical of abusers, and many who have been abused will say that he is right on. He has a zeal to help the abused which is obviously the catalyst for his excellent work and he has a tremendous amount of experience. Your husband might be interested to know that Bill Gates never graduated. Would he reject computer advice from him?

      • Thanks for that very informative comment, PW 🙂

    • Ellie

      If he must have a someone with a doctorate, Dr. George Simon might be a good resource for you. Diane Langberg has a Ph. D. as well.

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