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FAQ Highlight — What about divorce?

Our position on divorce: We believe that marriage is a covenant, the terms of which are the vows. Habitual, unrepentant, violation of those vows destroys the covenant and entitles the wronged spouse to divorce, though does not require it. The Bible sets out covenant-destroying sins:  desertion and abuse  (1 Cor. 7:15) – abuse is a form …

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Thursday Thought — 2equal1: a ‘ministry’ to avoid

Recently one of our Facebook readers told us of the horrific experience she had with 2equal1 Marriage Ministries.  Her personal contact with the Australian directors revealed that they are not only ignorant as to the mentality and tactics of abusers but they twist and distort biblical scriptures and doctrines. We wanted our readership to know that …

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Another Example of “Biblical Counseling” that is Enslaving

Christians must always face the threat of man-made traditions being taught as if they were the Word of God. This is how we are brought into bondage and robbed of the freedom for which Christ redeemed us (Gal 5:1ff). Preachers, church teachers, theologians, and fellow Christians confidently repeat the “company line” without ever truly thinking …

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Thursday Thought — Who really has a High View of Marriage?

So who really has a high view of marriage?  People who insist that divorce is never permissible for abuse, and who therefore say that a marriage can still be a marriage when an abuser spouse is violating the marriage covenant vows every single day?  Or people like us who say that those vows must be …

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Thursday Thought — Profaning God’s name with false vows

Victims deserve to be consoled with the truth that God hates a certain kind of marriage — the kind of marriage that profanes his name due to false vows. [Pastor Dietrich Wichmann] (The above quote was taken from Ps. Wichmann’s guest post — False Vows do not a Covenant Make)

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False Vows do not a Covenant Make – by Pastor Dietrich Wichmann

Pastor Dietrich Wichmann contacted us after discovering ACFJ and we invited him to write a guest post on this subject of vows and covenant. Many thanks, Pastor Wichmann. He provided us with these biographical details: I am an ordained minister of the Church of England in South Africa, currently serving two congregations in the province …

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