A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Recharging my battery

I’m taking a break for several weeks, to visit my daughter, but I’ll still be publishing posts.

While I’m away, the posts to be published may include items that have been on my notunderbondage site and reblogs of some of my older articles from ACFJ.  There may be a bit of lag time in my moderation of comments. But Reaching Out will continue to moderate comments too, so you may not notice a great lag time overall.

I have closed my notunderbondage.com site for the present because it was too cumbersome to maintain. I think I will eventually set up a new site with the domain notunderbondage.com, under a new format. But for the present time, the notunderbondage.com address will redirect to this site cryingoutforjustice.blog.

Ironically, I had to replace my laptop’s battery recently, so I’m all set to go!


  1. Teres

    Barbara, have a wonderful time with your daughter. And yes, recharge. Thank you for the work you do. Many blessings.

  2. Finding Answers

    From Barb’s post:

    ….replace my laptop’s battery recently….

    ^That is done by man.

    May your battery be recharged by God.

  3. Helovesme

    Have a wonderful break! I’m so glad your body AND soul will hopefully get a good rest. Will keep you in prayer.

  4. Helovesme

    Thank you for everything you do for the Lord, and for us. You’ve given so much to so many for so long.

  5. James

    Have a great holiday, Barb.

  6. Anonymous

    Enjoy your time with your daughter! It would probably be a good thing for readers to re-visit your earlier writing.

    The advocacy work you do can’t be easy, and I can imagine that batteries would need re-charging regularly! If believers were kinder / loving and less dogmatic / religious / mean toward their own, there would be less injustice and suffering in the church, and there would be no need to advocate for abuse victims. May that day come soon.

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