A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

The Gray Rock Method (or, the Grey Rock Method)*

“Gray Rock” is a strategy that can be helpful when interacting with someone who has chronically abused or mistreated you.

A Cry For Justice

One of our dear readers turned our attention toward this article here:

The Gray Rock Method of Dealing with Psychopaths
Note from Barb Roberts, added 6 Aug 2013 — the author of the article above goes by the name of Skylar on her current blog; we have changed the link at her request so it now goes to her current blog, 180rule.com

Addit from Barb, Nov 2014:  the color is spelled grAy in America, but grEy in England. Go figure! 

Essentially, the author writes that one way of warding off the attacks of an abuser (particularly one with whom a victim shares custody of children) is to be a “boring person”. To be a gray rock; to be bland. In other words, to have an emotionless affect when an abuser jabs. Many psychopaths, sociopaths or those who are just flat out emotionally draining crave…

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