“Steps to Freedom: Escaping Intimate Control” – you can pre-order it on Kindle

Don Hennessy’s new book Steps To Freedom [Affiliate link] is now available for Kindle pre-order in the USA and will download to Kindles next week.

Steps to Freedom (paperback) can also be pre-ordered at Book Depository which is a UK site that gives free delivery worldwide.

On March 16 I shared on this blog more info about Steps to Freedom.

3 thoughts on ““Steps to Freedom: Escaping Intimate Control” – you can pre-order it on Kindle”

  1. Living lives free from fear and intimidation. I was watching a news report about this CNN correspondent who went undercover to see about the plight of those being trafficked in Liberia, I think it was, and here is this very educated reporter woman traveling with a camera-person, they were wearing hidden cameras, etc. and they had an escape plan, people knew to look for them if things went wrong, and yet she talks of the sheer intimidation factor of simply sitting beside this male trafficker in the car ride of a number of hours. Intimidation is hard to prove. Intimidation is easy to play off, dismiss, lie about, etc. And this woman was in her 30s or perhaps more and the typical girl was 17 maybe an 18 year old impoverished woman and how much more intimidating and threatening is such a situation for them, and it’s no wonder they are raped at will, all along their ‘journey’.

    There’s a lot of rape that takes place with intimidation and fear being most prevalent in the attacks. Rapists pay attention to laws and most do not hold a gun to your head because that doesn’t get washed away in court as easily. Fear, intimidation, and threats work plenty well. And the people who instruct and indoctrinate girls and women to just ‘comply’ and hopefully live to see the next day are part of the problem because the courts then say, well you didn’t fight, there are no scratches on him, etc., so you must have wanted it and liked it.

    And then, there are the really keen rapists who force their victims to act like they like it, to become bobble heads and ‘repeat after me’. It’s all evil,

    Looking forward to getting his book someday.

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